Specialist Sprinkler Services Pty Ltd is an Australian locally family run business. We manufacture garden sprinklers in a couple of styles which are made from steel and are extremely sturdy. There is a high demand for these sprinklers in country irrigation but they can also be used in the backyard garden.

There are two styles in the leg stand sprinklers. These being three leg stands with 15mm pipe, and the four leg stands with 15mm pipe. They come complete with galvanised fittings ready to be connected to your hose; however stands can be supplied without fittings if required.

We also make a four leg stand with a 20mm galvanised pipe. These sprinklers are supplied as stands only, no fittings.

All of our sprinklers come fully powder coated.

SSS supplies 2 styles of sprinkler heads for our leg stands. We have the most popular Metal Impulse Head, and a Plastic Impulse Head.

In the slide sprinklers we have three sizes available - 14mm, 19mm and 25mm. These particular sprinklers allow for easy manoeuvrability from one place to another.